Dit is alleen mijn nagellak-collectie. Ik blijf echter nog steeds nagellak kopen, maar ik ga wel proberen de lijst hier up to date te houden. Van sommige nagellakjes heb ik een artikel, je kunt hem dan lezen door op de naam te klikken.

Ultimate Nail Laquer

030 Meet Me At Coral Island
040 Princess For A Day
060 Bloody Mary To Go
070 Caught On The Red Carpet
080 Let’s Talk About Berry
090 The Devil Wears Red
100 Winetastic
110 Poison Me Poison You
120 Plum Play With Me
130 Lucky In Lilac
140 Let’s Mauve on
150 Big Spender Wanted
160 Sweets For My Sweet
170 I Scream Peach
180 Hot Of Not
190 Wrapped around my Finger
200 From Dusk To Dawn
210 Just Married
220 Lust In Mud
240 Sold Out Forever
250 I See You
260 Blue’s Brother
280 London Weather Forecast
300 Be My Millionair
320 Back To Black
330 Abolute Chinchilly!
340 Run Forest Run!
350 Hip Queens Wear Blue Jeans!
360 Raspberry Fields Forever
370 Just Berried!
390 Easy Peasy, Lemon Squeezy!
400 Blue Cara Ciao
410 Pool Party At Night
420 Dirty Berry
430 Purpelized
440 I Wear My Sunglasses At Night
460 In the Bronx
480 Miss Piggy Reloaded
490 Iron Mermaiden
500 Sir! Yes, Sir!
530 Up In The Air
540 Am I Blue Or Green?
550 Marilyn & Me
560 Rusty but Sexy
570 Beavis & Mud-head
580 Blues Brothers Vol. II
600 After Eight
610 ASHley
620 Captain Sparrows Boat
630 Sing: Hey, Dirty-Lilah!
640 Grey’s Kelly
680 Khaki Perry
690 Fred said Red
710 Dulce & Havana
720 Bruno Brownaani
780 Welcome to Rosywood
800 Heavy Metallilac
820 Pimp My Shrimp
830 Salmon & Garfunkel
840 Genius in a bottle
850 Aretha’s R-E-S-P-I-N-K
860 Browno Mars
870 Copper Cabana
875 It's All I Can Blue
880 Snow Petrol
890 How I Matt Your Mother
900 Steel My Heart
905 Steel My Soul
915 George Blueney

Catrice LE

Royal Nights
Royal Nights: C02 Royal Patrol


Glamourama: C02 En Vogue
Glamourama: C03 Time Square at Moonlight
Glamourama: C04 Glamourista

Enter Wonderland

Enter Wonderland: C03 Wonderland Green Card
Enter Wonderland: C04 Miracle Heaven

Papagena: C01 Enter the Undergrowth
Papagena: C04 Bird of Paradise

Big City Life
Big City Life: C02 Berlin
Big City Life:  C03 Sydney
Big City Life:  C04 New York

SpectaculART: C02 Holi Hai
SpectaculART: C03 Revel the Red
SpectaculART: C04 Soulful.

Neo Geisha
Neo Geisha: C02 Picked Cherry Blossoms
Neo Geisha: C03 Madam Butterfly
Neo Geisha: C04 Dance in Gion

Million Styles topcoats
Million Dollar Baby
Return of the Spacecowboys
Have an ice day


Oude Colour & Go lakjes
02 white secret
04 space queen
05 sweet as candy
07 rock it, baby
11 So glamourous
12 Very Diva
14 Rock Rebell
16 Sexy in Black
17 Pool Party
18 Check me out
19 VIP Appeal (2x)
20 Go Wild
24 Underwater
25 Glisten up!
27 No More Drama
31 Hypnotic Poison (2x)
34 Walk of Fame
35 Movie Star
37 Just Rock It!
38 Choose Me!
39 Lime up!
40 Absolutely Stylish
43 Where is the Party
47 Red-y to go
52 Out of my Mind
55 Let’s get lost
56 Got a secret
57 Can’t Cheat on me
60 Fateful desire
61 fame fatal
63 think pink
64 Be Optimistic!
68 High spirits
73 Princess prunella
75 Gleam in blue
83 Luxury secret
84 Midnight charm

Nieuwe Colour & Go lakjes
112 Time for Romance
122 Chic Reloaded
126 Date in the Moonlight
133 Oh my Glitter
134 Stuck on you
135 I'm Bluetiful
138 L.O.L.
139 Walk on the Wildside
143 I'm the Boss

Multi Dimension

20 Fatal
27 That’s life!
30 Late at night
36 Superstar
39 Spicy
40 Groovy
42 Dress to Party
54 Hot Stuff
59 Purple Diamond
62 Must Have
63. Purple Cherry
64 Trendsetter
65 Midnight Rocker
66 Most Wanted
72 Found My Love
75 Tryin to be cool
78 Right, girl

Show Your Feet

Show Your Feet: 04 very berry
Show Your Feet: 10 in the jungle

Essence LE

Let’s Go Girls  (05/2010):

02 Team Spirit

Denim Wanted (11-2010)
Denim Wanted: 01 High Waist Pink
Denim Wanted: 02 I Love My Jeans
Denim Wanted: 03 My Boyfriend’s Jeans
Denim Wanted: 04 Forever Mine

I Love Berlin (01-2011)
I Love Berlin: 02 I’m A Berliner
Tip painter: 01 Berlin Story

Whoom Boom (03-2011)
Whoom! Booomm!!: 03 You’ve got the art
Whoom! Booomm!!: 04 Roy’s Red

You Rock! (05-2011)
You Rock!: 01 Cut off Beige
You Rock!: 02 Love, Peace and Purple
You Rock!: 03 Kings of Mints
You Rock!: 04 Let me in Pink
You Rock!: 05 Speed of Light Blue

Meet me @ holographics (06-2011)
Meet me @ holographics: 03 Blue Ray
Meet me @ holographics: 04 Prism@tic white

50’s Girls Reloaded (07-2011)
50’s Girls reloaded: 02 Back to the 50’s
50’s Girls reloaded: 03 I’m a marine girl
50’s Girls reloaded: 04 Love me Tender
50’s Girls reloaded: 05 You’re a heartbreaker

Ballerina Backstage (08-2011)
Ballerina backstage:   02 wear your little tutu
Ballerina backstage: 03 on your gracile tiptoe
Ballerina backstage: 04 do a floating pirouette
Ballerina backstage: 05 Grand-plie in black

Natventurista (09-2011)
Natventurista; 02 mother earth is watching you
Natventurista: 03 barefoot through the moss
Natventurista: 04 chirp chirp!

Vampires Love (11-2011)

Vampire's Love: 01 gold old buffy
Vampire's Love: 03 True love
Vampire's Love: 05 hunt me if you can

Crystalliced (01-2012)

Crystalliced: 01It’s a snow-woman’s world
Crystalliced: 03 Iced age reloaded
Crystalliced: 04 Ice eyes baby

Fruity (05-2012)

Fruity: groen
Fruity: roze
Fruity: scented topcoat

Class of 2013 (09-2012)

Class of 2013: 01 Blues of being Cool
Class of 2013: 02 School’s out forever
Class of 2013: 04 Alpha better gamma
Class of 2012: Topcoat College Hero

Breaking Dawn part 2 (11-2012)
Breaking Dawn: 01 Jacob's Protection
Breaking Dawn: 02 Alice had a vision again
Breaking Dawn: 04 Edward's Love

Snow Jam (01-2013)
Snow Jam: 02 Lilac is my Style
Snow Jam: 03 Life is a Freeride

Vintage District (02-2013)
Vintage District: 02 Shopping @ portobello road
Vintage District: 03 Antique Pink
Vintage District: 04 Get Arty

Nail Arts
Twins: 01 Thelma & Louise
Twins: 03 Bonnie & Clyde
Tip Painter: 07 Ocean Breeze
Tip painter: 01 Wit
Magnetics: 01 Miracle Shine
Magnetics: 03 Magic Wand
Cracking Topcoat: 01 Crack me! Black
Cracking Topcoat: 02 Crack me! White
Colour change : 03 sweet surprise
Colour change: 04 unexpected galaxy
Special Effect topper: 07 soft touch
Special effect topper: 02 circus confetti
Nail art pen: 02 cool black

Overige Merken gewone lak

Mylene Satin: Nummer 50
Mylene Satin: Nummer 59

NYC: 206 East Village
NYC: 246 Park Ave
NYC: 001 Rock Muse (Limited Edition)
NYC: 276 Big City Dazzle

Max Factor
Fantay Fire

WIC: 99 Cannes
WIC: 111 Milan
WIC: 120 Frankfurt
WIC: 123 Nairobi

01 Ruby Crush
02 Diamond Dust

H&M: Hunt me Down

Manhattan: Lotus Effect 65W

Paris Memories
Paris Memories: 238
Paris Memories: 257
Paris Memories: 260
Paris Memories: 261
Paris Memories: 262

Wet ’n Wild
Wet ’n Wild: E71535
Wet ’n Wild: E71642
Wet ’n Wild: 71641

Gosh, Revlon & L’Oreal
Gosh: 542 Chocaholic
Revlon: Scented 360 bubblegum
L’Oréal: 502

0512 Mini

Random merken
Chic: Roze
Lolita’s: nr. 31
Cosmod: Nr 2 (sterretjes)
Casuelle: Zilver
2B: Grijs/zilver

Overige merken Nailart

La Femme:

O.P.I.: Black Shatter
O.P.I.: Red Shatter


French Manicure:
Catrice: 310 French White
Essence: 04 French lilac


Nailcare (verharders enz)
Etos Nail repair
Essence Ultra Strong Nail Repair
Catrice Nail-expert: Nail Hardener

Etos: 0511
Manhattan: 401203
Manhattan: AH1310
Catrice: Nail-Expert: Nail Whitener: 010 Transparant white

Catrice Nail-expert: Smoothing Base Coat
Rimmel: 5 in 1 Nailcare
Essence – Ready for boarding peel off base coat

Rimmel: Pro Superwear Topcoat
Essence Matt topcoat
Essence Quick Dry Topcoat
Catrice – Quick Dry & High shine topcoat
Essence Fruity Scented topcoat

Overige spullen
Essence express dry Drops

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